White noise to soothe your baby to sleep

by Pasha

No matter if your child is 1 month old or 1 year old, they often have trouble getting to sleep. Something that worked well for us is a white noise machine. Liz was quite energetic from an early age, and we were looking for ways to help her relax and wind down. White noise is a simple concept that uses the sound of rain, ocean waves, forest leaves, chirping birds. It can even be a basic static noise. The idea is to reduce sensitivity to normal sounds or to at least camouflage them.

We bought a sweet-looking owl white noise machine from Skip Hop (link to Amazon) and it worked great. The best thing about it is that it is portable when you go for walks or a drive. The rubber strap makes it easy to attach to a stroller or a car seat. You can use it at home too and it blends well with most baby room designs. The only downside is the lack of power supply and you might want to invest in rechargeable AAA batteries. One charge lasts about two weeks with normal use during day and evening bedtime. I like the feature that you can set the timer to 15, 3o, and 60 minutes. That lets you play with what works best for your child.

Liz would get into her crib and before walking out of the room we turned the white noise for 30 minutes usually. This helped her fall asleep much quicker even while we kept doing things around the house. Over time she developed got used to the connection between white noise and bedtime. So when we take long walks or drives, turning the sound on soothes her immediately, even in noisy places.

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