Tips and tricks to protect little ones during a summer heatwave

by Philippe
Summer heat

The summer heatwave is a recurring theme in Europe. A big worry for Anna and me is how to ensure that Louise stays fresh and hydrated during high temperatures. So how to protect little ones during a summer heatwave?

Living situation

We live in a newly built ‘Passive house’. A passive house means that the home is energy efficient with a low ecological footprint. Air-conditioning is not an option. We also love to spend days outside. That means that we need to keep a plan during summer months for the house and Louise to be serene.

Here are our tips:

  • Buy a water spay. Having a water spray on-hand is a lifesaver when outside at the park or during dangerous heatwaves that do not cool down at night. We have a couple of spays around the house. We buy the Avene spray, which works wonders. Other big brands like Evian and others sell the same sprays. It helps to keep hydrated during a summer heatwave.
  • Eat watermelons or cantaloupes. These fruits are a staple in our house from June to August and especially during a summer heatwave. They provide a lot of water and lots of vitamins to the body. These effective to protect little ones during a heatwave. They will get replenished without knowing it.
  • Drink lots of water. For this, Louise loves her Nuk cups and never leaves home without it. They are so easy for her to handle and never leak. She can drop the bottle, and it will stay intact. Nuk cups also wash easily.
  • Close the blinds and windows during the day. This method is an effective way to keep fresh temperatures. We manage to keep house down to 24° without a fan or AC (which is bearable during hot months).
  • Barbecuing is also a good option as the kitchen heat does not stay in the home. Check out my BBQ POST on using a quick and smokeless barbecue. This awesome BBQ is perfect for a quick grill that will make you feel like a BBQ master!
  • Installing an awning on your terrace or balcony. This works wonders to stay cool while having lunch or dinner on your outside space. A bonus point is that it also has you feeling like you are in the South of France.

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