Must-have: Baby Bjorn bouncer

by Pasha

Living in Copenhagen for three years, your eye gets used to the beautiful Scandinavian design. We developed an appreciation for the balance of shapes, materials, and functionality. This defines great design pieces, and more often than not, you need to pay a premium for it.

At my wife’s baby shower, her friends gave a Baby Bjorn bouncer. After our daughter turned a couple of weeks old, we started to use the rocket almost daily.

The design of the rocket is timeless and simple. It doesn’t have motors or any complex mechanisms. It is all about the weight of your child bouncing the spring with effortless smoothness. We found it common to rock the chair gently with the foot while watching a movie or reading a book.

We also enjoyed the premium feeling materials and sturdy build quality. Simple folding makes it easy to carry to social events or even to travel with.

Most importantly, Liz enjoyed it so much. She could take naps, or quiet down and relax while we read one of her favorite books. It even calmed her down when she cried in the evenings.

It’s not a cheap item but was worth every cent. We also bought a carrier and travel cot from the same brand. I will review it next time, and for now, take care!

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