How to survive an IKEA building session

by Philippe
DIY Ikdea

Building IKEA furniture can make you crazy. Here are my tips to make the IKEA building session as pain-free and as peaceful as possible.

Step 1: put on some music that will keep you engaged and give you a slither of hope. Below is a playlist found on Spotify that kept us going throughout building Louise’s bed (with its drawers and specific finger-biting mechanics). Classic rock is our anthem. 

Step 2: pour yourself a light-drink. A fresh gin tonic always seems to pick me up in moments of desperation, where no piece matches the other, and the building manual looks like an Egyptian papyrus.

Step 3: take it one step at a time. Foresee that any seemingly simple task may take hours. There are no shortcuts. Also crucial is that your kid is in bed or the playground. There is no worst situation than having your little one running through your construction site and grabbing these tiny screws (and swallowing them).

Step 4: divide labour. Anna is the commander, and I am the executor. I get to hold the screwdriver, so that’s fine by me (be sure to visit our chore sharing post for more info on that topic:

Step 5: buy an electric screwdriver. This piece of equipment ll save your life and make you seem like a godlike Ikea master. 

Step 6: look at step 3. Patience is a real virtue.

Step 7: have a post-Ikea party and celebrate your success. Congrats. You survived an Ikea building session.

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