Dyson or Roomba – which one actually works?

by Pasha

Getting straight to the point – Roomba is worthless, and buying a Dyson was the best decision we have made. See my thoughts on both and some pros and cons if you are still thinking about it.

During an Amazon Prime Day event, some of my colleagues bought the Roomba vacuum. It was well discounted and pretty hyped up by then. I caved. It was time to get into robot-helpers. Well, what a waste of money.

First and most important of all, if you have kids and stuff lying around, this thing won’t be able to clean. It will eat charging cables, gobble lego pieces, bump into every coffee table or chair you have. Worst of all, these obstructions will not let it vacuum – hence, the whole exercise is pointless. Unless you live in an empty house “Steve Jobs style”, it won’t work. And if you have kids – forget about it.

Now the Dyson. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it’s a bit tacky, colorful, and might not fit in your white design kitchen. But man it’s useful.


1) It is always there.

2) It is cordless, light, and maneuverable.

3) The battery is enough for 8-10 minutes – and that’s a good thing.

Dyson comes off the wall three times a day, now that our daughter messes up the floor after every meal. I can take it to any part of the apartment in two seconds, no need to find a socket or drag the cord or main unit around. The fact that I know the batter won’t last for the entire apartment – gives me confidence that it’s a quick chore.


1) Once the battery runs out – charging takes forever.

2) You need to change heads between carpet and tile, or wooden floor.

The charge takes 4 hours, that’s a while and you might need to postpone finishing with cleaning to the next day. The heads are perfect for what they have been designed for, but definitely not universal between types of surfaces.

The choice between Dyson models is a cost/size and battery tradeoff. We went for the V8 model. Let me know what worked best for you.

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