The Perfect evening time baby sound books

by Henri
Evening baby sound book

Here I go for my first review of Rose’s favourites. And for a first it is quite a huge one as this is my selection of the perfect evening baby sound books (and not only).

Since she was born, she had a lot of different sound books. Each in a different theme, and each with different colours and textures. However, in the tens of sound books she has, there are some which are definitely over the top. These three sound books are among her favourites.

Voyage en Mer (In English: Travel over the Sea)

Dans la Foret des Droles de Bruits (in English: In the Funny Noises Forest)

Dans ma Ville (in English: In my City)

I know these are in French, as many of Rose’s books, but the best part is not really the story but the sounds. First, these are very nice sounds, for her as well as for me. Second, all of the sounds are soft and gentle. Plus, they are very nicely linked to the story and the book as a whole.

These books are perfect for evening reads. It won’t be too exciting and will help keeping a peaceful atmosphere. Her favourite is the “Voyage en Mer” one, based on sea animals and sea linked sounds like boat horn etc in a blue atmosphere.

The sounds together with the colours used, and the drawings are peaceful. In addition, I personally like the illustrations a lot. All together they are forming what I can call a great baby sound book.

You will find in the following video a complete review of the books. Right away you will see what I am talking about. You will also see that her favourite was heavily used and even chew quite a few time…

I would recommend those to anyone who is looking to the perfect evening baby sound books, even non French speakers as the key parts are the sounds and the drawings. Moreover, these can also be useful if you want your child to grow up bilingual or trilingual.

Finally, these are very resistant. From almost the day she was born to date the books did not show any sign of trouble. And, trust me this is not the case of all she had…

She currently has three of the four books available in the collection. The only missing one is the country side themed one. For sure it will be part of her new books in the coming weeks! This will give me an occasion to do another review here!

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