Quick and smokeless barbecue (perfect summer grill)

by Philippe

Summertime means barbecue time. We made a great discovery while looking online for barbecue grills that could fit on our terrace. We found a next-gen barbecue for busy dads. What makes this barbecue next-gen? Two reasons. Quick and smokeless barbecue. The barbecue heats up in three to four minutes. As a result, all busy dads living in the city will love this grill. The barbecue is named the LotusGrill.

Main advantages

The LotusGrill heats up in a short time because it has a built-in fan. It is smokeless as the fat drips on the outer-rim. A lid sits on top of the coal recipient (this ensures that the fat does not drip on coals). What is also great is that it has an outer shell. Because of this, you can put on an outside table. Putting the barbecue on an outdoor table is excellent because the cook can interact with guests and multi-task (that is, having a conversation while drinking one or two beers).

Unpacking and cooking

The LotusGrill comes with a started pack that includes coal, lighting gel, tongs, and a cover. Lighting the grill is super easy as a little recipient for the charcoal sits right in the bowl that catches the fat. You just need to put a bit of lighting gel underneath. The heat gets going in a matter of seconds. The cook can also adjust the built-in fan that blows on the coal to regulate temperature.
Sausages are ready in 10 to 15 minutes while chicken-skewers need a good 15 minutes.


The LotusGrill cooks fast and to perfection! We love to have a fresh salad and some melon on the side to get a healthier meal. Of course, beers and wine are also welcome for a fun evening that gets going in a matter of minutes. To be clear, this is a real quick and smokeless barbecue.

A video demo will follow!

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